Melba Fritz Scholarship

The Story

Melba Fritz was a nurse case manager and a loving caring friend. From picking cotton as a youth to running marathons as an adult, Melba endeared herself to all who knew her. She had a strong nurturing personality and extended her family far beyond her two daughters, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Melba was loved by all who knew her and this scholarship was established in 2004 in her honor.


The purpose of the Melba Fritz Scholarship is to encourage members of the case management community to seek CCM certification through the Commission for Case Manager Certification.

Application Process

Applicants should apply for the scholarship directly to the DFW-CMSA Scholarship Committee. An application can be obtained from the web site of the chapter or other committee member. The application should be complete and include verification that the CCMC has accepted the applicant’s credentials to sit for an upcoming exam. The scholarship only covers the exam portion of the fees. The applicant is responsible for the application fee itself. At this time, the application process through CCMC requires that the entire amount be paid at the time of application. The scholarship will be awarded in the form of a check reimbursing the applicant for the amount of the exam fee.


The scholarship is funded entirely by donations. Donations can be made at any chapter dinner meeting or other venue where the chapter is present. A toast is offered at every chapter dinner meeting to Melba’s memory. The DFW chapter believes that this process best helps to keep Melba’s memory alive and honors her dedicated service as a case manager.

Application for the Melba Fritz Scholarship

  • Write a brief paragraph about yourself and your job duties. Please include information regarding any additional community or volunteer activities that you participate in.
  • Please attach verification that CCMC has accepted your application and you are eligible to sit for the exam. Your email receipt or other confirmation is acceptable.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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